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Software License Management

Why Software License Management?

License management is a really tough job. Gone are those days when you purchased a license for each user or machine and were issued with a dongle that entitled the user to access the application. Now there are so many licensing models and flavors, it’s hard to keep up.
One thing that has not changed is how much engineering and scientific software licenses cost. On average they eat up 10% of a company’s IT budget.

OpenLM’s Software Licensing Tools

OpenLM Provides all the essential engineering software license tracking capabilities and reports. Optimizing your software inventory helping you to stretch your expensive software licenses to their limit.

OpenLM Handles all license models including network (floating), node-locked, GPU (Nvidia), cloud and token (including Autodesk token-flex) and hybrid variations. You will be able to monitor and generate reports of all the major hardware and software licenses such as: Sentinel, Flexera , Wibu DSLS, Reprise and more

Why do we need our own Software Management Tool?

Your own software management tool gives you
full control over your license usage.

Know what you have

Our license manager reports on actual usage and helps you identify unused or rarely used software ,additional features that have not been touched and even named licenses that should be swapped out for a concurrent license or a subscription, because the user only accesses them for an hour or two per week.
Our new customers find lots of savings right away, at least 15%. With the high cost of engineering licenses, finding even a single license to discontinue cost-justifies your purchase.

Do the Best for your Users

Harvest idle licenses automatically, in alignment with your internal software policy.
OpenLM monitors denials and identifies “true” denials, where the user cannot access a license for a significant time, as opposed to a denial which lasts for a minute or so before the license can be accessed.
Our usage reports help you minimize the number of licenses you hold while providing high availability to your user base.

Take the Heat off

OpenLM gives you the data necessary to produce internal billing for end users. Charging back these costs has an added benefit, the head of the department suddenly is responsible for these costs, and will make sure that his users work as economically as possible, resulting in additional cost savings.

Know What’s Happening Right Now

We have made it a mission to report as timeously as possible. Depending on the license manager being monitored, feedback is either on a per-second or per-minute basis.
The only exceptions are some license models that work on tokens or timeslots and we offer a different solution for them. This near-time feedback keeps you in control.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

We produce reports in different formats depending on the content.
Apart from traditional list reports (e.g. usage by user), we offer alternatives such as heat maps and pie charts, which tell the same story in a single page for management. If, for some reason, you need reporting we don’t provide, you can create your own reports, using our database and the reporting software of your choice.

License Management for the Cloud

Costs for cloud software are much higher than expected and seem difficult to control. We do not claim to manage all cloud software (we are working on it) but we can help you monitor Adobe, Autodesk, ESRI and Office 365 cloud products.
We also help you monitor hybrid products with tokens and work across timelines around the globe.

What Makes Our Product Stand Out above the Competition?


OpenLM’s software is designed specifically for engineering and scientific licenses.

Customer Focused

Whether you are in construction, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, automotive, oil and gas or EDA, we help customers in these industries manage their software.

Multiple Vendors

We can help you monitor the products you rely on, from hundreds of vendors including Ansys, Autodesk, Dassault, PTC and Siemens.

Fortune 500

Our customer base includes Fortune and Global 500 companies across the globe, as well as some top universities and government and municipal bodies (OpenLM is on the GSA Schedule 70 and has U.S. Federal customers).

Over 50 LMs

Our customers are extensive users of CAD/CAM and CAE tools and we support over 50 license managers in this space.

OpenLM Cloud

OpenLM for Cloud is the latest innovation in our product suite. It wins space from the traditional on-premise version because its hassle-free features, scalability and resilience, require minimum infrastructure and hardware.

Download and explore the full unlimited version of OpenLM for 30 days.
During this time you will enjoy full support with no strings attached.