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Virtual License Manager

Creates a virtual view of physical software assets. A true virtualization of License servers.

Enables a better allocation management of software licenses to organization’s departments at real-time. Without overwriting the allocations of licenses across license managers.

What is a Virtual License Manager (VLM)?

Virtual License Manager allows you to delegate license-allocation tasks without sacrificing security or control, by dividing your centralized license portfolio into dynamic sub-tenants to which you can allocate sophisticated administrative permissions.

Virtual License Manager (VLM) – the challenge & solution


  • Due to pricing reasons organization has one license manager with 100 features
  • Organization wish to provide allocation capabilities to 5 departments (each 20 licenses)
  • Departments overwrites each others settings


We wish to dedicate set number of licenses to each departments with no conflicts

Illustration: Virtual License Manager (VLM)

Key benefits of VLM:

  • Self service: We can allow different departments to manage their assets.
  • Virtualization can manage multiple license pools as one virtual license pool or break one to multiple license pools for management benefits.
  • License Allocation can dedicate licenses.Smart real time license allocation management based on usage and idle time of users.
  • Hide physical implementation: Important for better IT management.
  • Save time, gain efficiency: Saves IT managers’, license managers’, system admins’ time from doing manual allocation of licenses.
  • Increase license availability between various departments with ensuring optimal license usage with the same number of licenses. Thus, protecting IT costs from an increase/significant increase.
  • Increases productivity between users, departments, teams locally and globally
  • Grant users permissions for different departments to manage their licenses smartly with better visibility without compromising security of the main system
  • You are in total control. Central IT maintains tight control over the licensing environment, as the local team leader cannot touch the physical license manager settings
  • Reduce the burden on central IT, and delegate license allocation to local team leaders.
  • Rock-solid roles-and-permissions infrastructure: After slicing your license portfolio into license pools that match a department’s needs, you can make use of the role-based access system to assign an admin to each virtual pool.
    • Want to allow the marketing department leader to assign licenses to team members, or add new users as the team grows? No problem.
    • VLM’s role-based access control system opens the door to smarter-than-ever license management.

Is your business model compatible with your licensing environment?

Organizations like yours are faced with managing complex, unique licensing environments. Usually, this means managing one or more physical license managers through central IT, or managing many end users from various departments spread across the globe and dealing with the headaches that simultaneous environments can bring.

Centralized license allocation

In a centralized license-allocation environment, the IT team must fulfill requests from numerous departments or regions for a huge number of users. For big organizations, this quickly becomes unmanageable, as it puts IT under heavy pressure. Allocating licenses to users consumes a lot of a license administrator’s time, which costs you money.

Decentralized license allocation

In a decentralized model, the IT team grants permissions to departments or team leaders for them to manage or support their own users. This improves overall license allocation workflow by reducing the burden on the central IT team and paves the way for smart license management in a multi-user system.

Decentralize your license allocation system with a perfect permissions system provided by Virtual License Manager (VLM).

What if you could consolidate your software portfolio into one license management system and slice and dice it in almost unlimited ways?

With OpenLM Virtual License Manager (VLM) you empower team and department leaders to add, manage, and support the requests of their own end users.

OpenLM’s Virtual License Manager creates a virtual layer on top of your physical license managers, which allows you to segment your license portfolio according to almost any criteria: agency, department, team … you name it.

Assign a license-management role to the team leader, and let that person handle the license allocation requests of the team.

Keep your license allocations under control

With Virtual License Manager (VLM), you can assign local administrators to allocate licenses to end users while you keep full oversight of your licensing environment with decentralized management.


This saves you administration time, paves the way toward better license management, and reduces license costs: you can buy the best license package at a price that fits your IT budget.

In a summary, consider OpenLM VLM when you’d like to achieve:

Value for money

  • Eliminate license waste
  • Streamline license allocation
  • Boost productivity
  • Smart license management
  • Reduce license costs

Full control

  • Rock-solid roles and permissions system
  • Perfect tool to delegate administration
  • Full compliance

Super speed

  • One interface to manage the entire license portfolio
  • Efficient self-service system

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