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Start from the Cloud with OpenLM!

Software License Management Cloud (Old Name ->OpenLM Cloud) is the latest innovation in our product suite. It wins space from the traditional on-premise version because its hassle-free features, scalability, and resilience require minimum infrastructure and hardware.

Hassle-free configuration

No installation. Requires minimum infrastructure and hardware. It takes just a few minutes to configure.

Access anywhere at anytime

No burdens in accessing and managing your licensing data, regardless of space and time.

Security and compliance

Secure environment guaranteed. Data is protected via OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 protocols.

Manage Software Licenses on The Cloud

  • No additional hardware is required to host the OpenLM Server.
  • Maintenance and bug fixes are served automatically.
  • Setting up Software License Management Cloud is simple.
  • Configuration is easily done using the web interface.
  • The OpenLM learning curve is brought to a minimum.
  • Full maintenance is done by the OpenLM team.

Software license management for all

Manage and optimize any type of license without the hassle of installation. All you need is OpenLM Cloud Portal.

What can you do with the Cloud Portal?

Monitor the licenses of your organization, regardless of its size; connect licensing to organizational IT; turn your primary directory service into the single source of truth; convert static licenses to dynamic licenses. Whatever you want to do with your licenses, we have the right tools to govern them.

Software License Management Cloud

Monitor and manage your licenses from the cloud.


Protect and govern your organization’s resources, automatically.

Directory Sync

Synchronize the OpenLM database with your organization’s directory service to enforce license-usage permissions.

LDAP Connector

Keep your software database in sync with the customer’s directory service.
*Available in the next release

Virtual License Manager

Convert static license usage to dynamic license usage, even for named licenses.
*Available in the next release

Register to Software License Management Cloud (Old Name->OpenLM Cloud) or learn more about how to monitor your license usage on the Cloud.

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