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Management of license allocation

This product was specially designed for companies who had already purchased another license manager, such as FlexNet Publisher for Engineering, but were missing something – an easy-to-use management tool for license allocation of Flexera licenses.



An application to manage all your software that uses FlexNet Publisher through this interface with your preferred browser.

GUI for Options file

A user-friendly GUI to manage the FLEXlm Options files, instead of working with text files.

Organization Directory

A solution to match your allocations and entitlements to your organizational directory smoothly and swiftly, by synchronizing with your LDAP.

How does it work?

The OpenLM License Allocation Manager allows administrators to easily edit FlexLM Options Files remotely via the OpenLM Broker, using a user-friendly “click-to-select” interface.

The OpenLM Broker locally interacts with the FlexLM Options File, then sends its allocation data to the OpenLM Server for processing.

Communication is bidirectional, meaning that the OpenLM Server can activate the OpenLM Broker to modify Options Files on the license server, thus allowing the admin to modify Options files remotely using the EasyAdmin interface.

Configuration steps

1. Installation of
OpenLM for Engineering Licensing
on a central network server.
2. Installation of
OpenLM Broker
on the license server.
3. Select the allocation configuration.
For more information, please refer to this document.

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