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Controlling the use
of any software

Our solution for monitoring and controlling the use of any Windows-based software in your organization – custom-written applications, software that is supplied without a license manager and those that come with their own proprietary license manager. 


Manager Control

Manage software that does have a license manager, but is not in the OpenLM license Managers list.

Usage Reports

Tailor your entitlements, access and usage in accordance with your organization’s unique software policy.


Restrict the number of concurrent licenses that can be running simultaneously for vendor software that does not limit users accessing additional licenses.

Central Policy

Add extra business rules to manage licences for a vendor and license manager that is monitored by OpenLM for Engineering Licensing, but needs additional monitoring. For example, you can prevent launching different versions of products which don’t conform to the Autodesk cascading mechanism.


Manage BYOD and BYOS within your organization, and keep compliant by preventing access without entitlement and usage of software that is not covered by your license agreement. OpenLM agent is required.


Permit or deny access to licenses for a particular product based on location, working hours, workgroup and priority.


Works for any software installed on a Windows machine including both applications whose execution is controlled by a license manager (FLEXlm, LUM, DSLS etc) and those that are not.

Enforcing any compliance requirements when vendor did not provide the means to enforce it. 

Prevents launching different versions of products which don’t conform to the Autodesk cascading mechanism (e.g. Autocad 2015 and 3DS MAX 2016).

Identify instances of engineering applications that are expected to run via license manager but are in fact run independently on the workstation. Including cases of non-network licensed applications and running of unauthorized applications.

Apply additional conditions on software that is managed by a license server.

Manage and optimize hybrid licensing environments from the same or different vendors, in any permutation of network, cloud, named or node-locked licenses.

Allocate licenses to users based on relevant parameters such as Location, Group and Time

Metering actual usage of applications (active and idle periods) that are not managed by license managers (requires the OpenLM Actual Usage extension)

Cross-platform server software. Manage both physical and VM access

How does it work?

You define conditions and rules for restricting application execution.
Users who have not been given access to software applications will not be able to start them.
If the maximum number of concurrent instances of an application has been reached, additional instances will not be allowed to run until the concurrent number has dropped
The activity of users using monitored applications will be logged and can be viewed in the OpenLM reports.

Configuration steps

1. Installation of
Software License Management (SLM)
(Old Name->OpenLM for Engineering Licensing)

on a central network server.

2. Installation of
OpenLM Applications Manager + OpenLM Broker on License Server machine  –                            either Windows or Linux.

3. Installation of the Workstation Agent (Old Name->OpenLM Agent) on each workstation.

For more information, please refer to this document.

Explore all the benefits OpenLM Applications Manager can offer.
Please install OpenLM for Engineering Licensing and OpenLM Broker first.

How to install

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