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Protect and govern your organization’s resources

Don’t lose control over your cloud services. Automatically remove stale accounts from the digital workspace.

Why it is important?

Workforce mobility and the rising number of cloud services is part of every organization, but it also creates a number of challenges for the IT department. Organizations are using tens or hundreds of SaaS services, and user data is spread across multiple devices, which complicate IT’s efforts to protect sensitive data and avoid a security nightmare scenario in the case of the departure of an employee.

Organizations use SaaS and IaaS platforms in their daily workflow: email platforms such as Gmail, associated productivity suites, cloud-based applications, network appliances, and cloud infrastructure and servers. And end users may be running Windows, macOS, or Linux operating systems. All that adds complexity to the IT environment.

Operating systems, SaaS applications, network appliances, and cloud infrastructure represent a challenge and require a different approach for secure off-boarding.

Eliminate workspace security hazard
Automatically clean stale accounts out of your directories.
Synchronize the changes made in the primary directory with any number SaaS, IaaS or PaaS services such as Google Analytics, Firebase, Azure AD, GitLab, Salesforce, GitHub, Frontegg, Cloudflare, AWS Directory, Buddy, Odoo, Jira, and more.
The one directory you need to manage
With OneDirectorySync, you will only ever need to manage just the organization’s primary directory. All your cloud services will be automatically synced with the changes made in the main directory
The central hub
OneDirectorySync is more than just synchronization as a service: it is the central hub connecting your primary directory to all cloud services used by your organization, such as Google Analytics, Azure AD, Gitlab, Salesforce, Frontegg, Cloudflare, and many more.
Off-board departing employees instantly and securely
OneDirectorySync simplifies user off-boarding by acting as the central hub connecting all the resources of your digital workspace with your primary directory. If a user is removed from your primary directory – Active Directory, Apache DS, Google Workspace, etc. – OneDirectorySync will automatically remove the account from all corporate applications, network appliances, routers, and VPNs.

A significant number of organizations fail to adequately protect their networks by not closing ex-employee accounts. Unnoticed obsolete/stale accounts represent an attack surface that can be used against you. Don’t allow the seemingly minor error of improperly off-boarding an employee to cause major consequences for your organization. Keep your main directory clean of stale accounts. Eliminate security hazards from your primary directory, and let OneDirectorySync clean up the rest.

Reduce security threats your way

There is no one size fits all. OneDirectorySync eliminates security hazards in two ways. You decide which option is more suitable for your organization:

  • Automated removal/disable of account.
  • Receive a notification: if you don't want to have automated removal for everything, you can opt to receive notifications. OneDirectorySync then informs the system admin that this user is no longer with the company and the account should be disabled.

“OpenLM has helped us manage costs during a
difficult transition period in the industry”

Robert Welsford
IT Manager

Flexible. Suitable for complex configurations

OneDirectorySync is built on a rock-solid, scalable architecture, which allows us to support complex configurations. Is your primary directory at HQ in New York and other branches spread across the globe? No problem. OneDirectorySync is the industry’s most scalable and secure directory connector capable of connecting all corporate resources regardless of their location into a centralized hub. Let OneDirectorySync do the heavy lifting for you.

Save on development, and save time, development effort, and money
Connecting all the organization’s directories and cloud applications into a single-cloud central hub means you can scale up your user management without any change in your available resources. Save time, and lots of development effort and money: manage only ONE directory and let OneDirectorySync do the rest.

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