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Supported License Managers

List of License Managers that OpenLM can monitor

OpenLM provides monitoring, auditing, reporting and management capabilities for engineering software running under all the leading license managers.

OpenLM provides real-time license usage monitoring, license usage history reporting, group usage reporting and project usage reporting for all license managers. Other functionality varies from one license manager to another. The table below shows the functionality supported for each one.

The table below shows the functionality supported for each one.

S.No.License ManagerLicense Denials ReportingReport ResolutionBorrowed License ReportingExpiration Date ReportingMultiple Server Redundancy SupportToken License SupportAllocation
1.Flexera Flexnet (FLEXlm)By second
2.IBM LUMBy minute
3.Sentinel HASPBy minute
4.Sentinel RMSBy second
5.Reprise RLMBy second
6.LM-XBy minute
7.DSLSBy minute
8.BetaLMBy second
9.MathLMBy minute
10.EasyCopyBy second
11.ProgeCADBy second
12.Intergraph SPLMBy minute
13.SolidWorks EPDMBy minute
14.CodemeterBy minute
15.OpenText (Spicer)By second
16.License4JBy minute
17.LS-DYNABy minute
18.AMPBy second
19.OSKABy second
20.SlickEditBy minute
21.SEH-UTNBy minute
22.GreenhillsBy minute
23.BentleyBy minute
24.LicmanBy second
25.OlicenseBy second
26.EPLANBy second
27.Nvidia License ManagerBy minute
28.Altium License ManagerBy minute
29.Autodesk Token-FlexBy day
30.Autodesk Cloud*By minute
31.Office365 Cloud*By minute
32.ArcGis OnlineBy second
33.Flexnet Embedded (FNE)By second
34.SparxBy minute
35.TASKING License Manager (TLM)*By minute
36.ESPRITBy minute
37.Zoo License ManagerBy minute
38.COSCOMBy second
39.Moldex3DBy second
40.GEOVIABy minute
41.AEScriptsBy second
42.JetBrainsBy minute
43.AltairBy second
44.AltivaBy second
48.UniSimBy minute
49.HoudiniBy minute
50.LiMBRBy minute
51.VenturisBy second
52.FVA-WorkbenchBy minute
53.INTES PERMASBy minute
54.IPGLock License ManagerBy second
55.Sentinel SuperPro License ManagerBy minute
56.Siemens SIMATICBy minute
57.JuniperBy minute
58.Sparx ProBy second
47.InnovyzeBy minute
45.HardlockBy second
46.Tweak By second
59.GitLab²By minute
60.Re: Vision EffectsBy minute
61.pure::variantsBy minute
62.ComosBy second
63.Tebis TGStart time: by second end time: by minute
64.Seiswarestart time: by second end time: by minute
65.RazorcatBy minute
66.DatamineBy second
67.DSLS CloudBy minute
68.Hosted HyperWorks UnitsBy minute

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