Interfacing the OLicense License Manager - HT904 - OpenLM
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Interfacing the OLicense License Manager – HT904

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1. Scope

OLicense is one of the many license managers supported by OpenLM. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to configure OpenLM to interface with OLicense-Server in order to monitor license usage and obtain license statistics.

There are two routes to query the OLicense-Server:

  1. Query the license server remotely from OpenLM Server (direct method)
  2. Install the OpenLM Broker on the same machine as the OLicense-Server which will query the License Server locally and then send the information back to OpenLM Server.


2. Query using OpenLM Server only (direct method)

OpenLM Server interfacing directly with the LM

2.1. OpenLM Server Configuration

In order to enable OpenLM to access the OLicense-Server, follow these steps:

  1. After installing the OpenLM Server, click Windows Start → OpenLM → OpenLM Server. The OpenLM Server configuration tool opens.
  2. Select the LM Tools tab, located on the left side.
  3. Select the OLicense tab.
  4. Copy olixtool.exe from the machine where OLicense is installed (by default located at: “C:\Program Files\optimum\olicense\”) to the OpenLM Server LM folder (by default located at: “C:\Program Files\OpenLM\OpenLM Server\LM”)
  5. Browse to the location of the newly copied olixtool.exe file.
  6. Click Apply to save the settings.


Olixtool.exe in the OpenLM Server configuration tool

2.2. Introducing a new OLicense server

After setting up the OpenLM Server configuration tool to work with OLicense as described above, you must add a new OLicense server under the License Servers tab.

To do so:

  1. Select the License Servers tab, and click Add.
  2. From the Type drop-down menu, select OLicense.
  3. Type in a descriptive text in the Description text box.
  4. Set the Time Zone where the License Server physically resides.
  5. Submit the appropriate Hostname and Port numbers. The OLicense default port is 80.
  6. “Is Triad Configuration”: Keep this box unchecked.
  7. “Use Broker” box:
    • Unchecked (Default): The OpenLM Server actively queries the license manager. Keep this configuration when not employing the OpenLM Broker.
    • Checked: Usage information is obtained solely by the OpenLM Broker installation on the License Manager machine.
  8. Click Apply


Olicense settings for OpenLM Server configuration tool

OpenLM Server should now be ready to query your OLicense-Server and present the information over the EasyAdmin user interface.


3. Query via OpenLM Broker

Broker interface with log and license files

OpenLM Broker is an optional (though highly recommended) component that should be installed and configured on the OLicense license manager machine. The OpenLM Broker queries the OLicense-Server locally and sends the data back to the OpenLM Server. This option facilitates robust, buffered communication with the OpenLM Server to overcome temporary network failures.

3.1. OpenLM Server configuration

Follow the same steps for configuring OpenLM Server as listed above, with the exception of checking the “Use Broker” box:

OpenLM Server configuration tool settings for Broker usage


3.2. OpenLM Broker configuration

1. Download and install the latest OpenLM Broker version. Follow the Broker configuration guide for step-by-step instructions.

2. Configure the OpenLM Broker to monitor the OLicense-Server (e.g. my_olicense_license_server) on the license manager’s port (e.g. 80). For additional information on OLicense-Server port configuration please consult the documentation included with your OLicense-Server installation.

OpenLM Broker configuration tool settings for Olicense

The individual fields must match the settings as you have configured them in the OpenLM Server configuration tool (see screenshot above in the OpenLM Server configuration section).

3. In the ‘Commands’ node, click “…” and browse to the path where ‘olixtool.exe’ is located then click Update.

OpenLM Broker configuration tool command settings for Olicense

4. Check that the newly updated command path is working by going through the ‘status’ and ‘data_inquiry’ nodes and clicking on Execute

Checking that the OpenLM Broker configuration tool settings for Olicense are working


4. Verifying the OLicense configuration with EasyAdmin

To check to see if the OLicense-Server is being monitored correctly:

1. Open the EasyAdmin web application either by going to the address of your EasyAdmin Server (i.e. http://localhost:7019/EasyAdmin2/) or by accessing the shortcut in the Windows Start Menu → OpenLM → OpenLM EasyAdmin User Interface

EasyAdmin access to verify Olicense monitoring

2. Click EasyAdmin Start → Widgets→ License Servers. The License Servers window appears. Verify that the configured license manager appears on the list. A green circle node indicates an active connection to the license server.

License Servers window showing Olicense monitoring in action

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