Installation guide for license management system - KB4011
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Installation guide for the OpenLM license management system – KB4011

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The OpenLM Floating license monitoring and Usage optimization tool interfaces an ever growing variety of license managers, such as Flexera FlexLM (Flexnet publisher), Beta LM, DSLS etc. The following note is a quick-start guide for the OpenLM application. For more elaborated information please refer to the complete installation guide, also available on the Application notes section.

System overview

Another good article to start with is the OpenLM system overview application note. This one gives a general idea on the different OpenLM modules, their relations and their functions.

Step 1: OpenLM Server download and installation

The OpenLM System components are available for download on the OpenLM site. After filling in your name and email, you would be directed to the download section. Select the OpenLM Version 3.0.

Start by downloading the server. Click the “OpenLM Server Download” button.

When downloading is complete, double click the downloaded *.msi file and follow the standard installation instructions.

Note that OpenLM is capable of monitoring licenses on both Windows and Unix/Linux systems, however the OpenLM Server needs to be installed on a stable Windows machine within the organizational network.

Step 2: Configuring License Servers

When the installation is complete, open the OpenLM Server configuration tool by following this path:

Windows’ Start → All Programs → OpenLM → Server → OpenLM Server Configuration

The OpenLM Server configuration window opens.

1. Add in your license servers:

  • Click the ‘Add’ button,
  • Type in the License server’s hostname or IP (e.g. lm10) and Port number (e.g. 27000)
  • Select the new License server’s type (e.g. FlexLM)
  • Type in an informative name (e.g. “Autodesk License Server”)
  • Select the license server’s time zone (e.g. EST)

The image below demonstrates this configuration:

2. Select a license server and click the check button in order to ensure that OpenLM can retrieve information from that license server. This information is the input received from the License manager.

3. Repeat 1 & 2 for all license servers (as needed).

4. Click the ‘Apply’ button and the consequent “Restart now”.

Please refer to the Application notes – License managers section for more information per specific license manager type.

Step 3: The OpenLM EasyAdmin Interface

The EasyAdmin web application is the main OpenLM Administrative and user interface.

Follow via this path:

Windows’ Start → All Programs → OpenLM → OpenLM EasyAdmin2.

The OpenLM EasyAdmin opens. Click the EasyAdmin start button to explore this application’s features.

The image above is an example of an EasyAdmin workspace. It features Administrative tools, License data, License usage data, Graphic usage representation, Roles and permissions’ assignment, and Active Agent capabilities.

For more information on the OpenLM EasyAdmin web interface, please refer to this document.

Congratulations! You now have an up and running OpenLM System

For more information regarding the installation and configuration of the OpenLM system components, please refer to the Application notes section. If you require any assistance in installation or configuration of the OpenLM system, please contact support [at] and our team will be glad to assist.

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