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Install OpenLM Broker – HT821

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Install OpenLM Broker


The OpenLM Broker tool is an optional Java software module that interacts directly with the license manager server in order to get the current license server status. Being a Java component, the OpenLM Broker can run on any Java-supported platform.

The benefits of OpenLM Broker include the following (see the feature list for additional information):

  • Sending queries to obtain license usage information from the license manager.
  • Buffering transmissions to overcome potential communication failures.
  • Monitoring log file information (e.g., license denials, accurate license usage logging, offline licenses, etc.).
  • Maintenance of FlexLM Options files from the OpenLM EasyAdmin interface.
  • Monitoring license file information (e.g., license packaging, license pools, Named licenses, DUP_GROUP).
  • Remote file fetching.
  • Uploading license files to the license server.
  • Starting / Stopping / Rereading of the license server.

After OpenLM Broker is installed on the license manager server, the next step is to configure the package to address the OpenLM Server, license servers and to define access to server files.

There are 3 methods of distribution available:

Windows installation process

Linux installation process

Silent installation process

After installation, proceed with configuring license managers to be monitored by the OpenLM system.



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