How to setup Personal Dashboard user authentication assign permissions -
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How to setup Personal Dashboard user authentication assign permissions

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Enabling User Authentication

  1. Access your Personal Dashboard.
  2. Click the Settings tab→SSL tab and provide the password and the path to the SSL Certificate, then restart the End User Services Service.

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Note: if previously your Personal Dashboard was not secured with the SSL configuration, please make sure you issue a new authorization file at EasyAdmin User interfaceStartAdministrationSystem&SecuritySecurityAuthorization ADD. Then go to C:\Program Files\OpenLM\End-User Services and replace the existing authorization file with the newly created one, and restart the End User Services Service.

  1. Now reopen your Personal Dashboard with the updated address: https://fqdn:53555.
  2. Switch to the SECURITY tab and check the Enable user authentication box.Graphical user interface, text, application Description automatically generated with medium confidence
  3. Restart the End User Services Service and, if necessary, refresh the page. We observe that now it is possible to log out from our Personal Dashboard Account:

How to filter the License Manager information available in PD

Administrators might want OpenLM Personal Dashboard Users to only see specific servers/licenses and not all of them, as the default setting. For this ACL must be enforced for the Personal Dashboard.

  1. Access the EasyAdmin User InterfaceAdministrtationRoles. The Roles Window opens.
  2. Click Add. Provide a Role name and description. Click Save.
  3. After Clicking Save, the Resources tab is enabled. Click on it then → Add.
  4. Select the desired roles:
  5. Switch to the Role Details tab and click on Users→ADD:
  6. Select the users to assign this role:
  7. Go back to AdministrtationRoles and double click on agent_query_roleGroups and delete OpenLM_Everyone group:
  8. Restart the OpenLM Server and End-User Service services
  9. Now the Personal Dashboard User will only see the servers that have been assigned to him or her.
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