Database Configuration For OpenLM Server, DSS and Identity Service
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Database Configuration For OpenLM Server, DSS and Identity Service

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Starting from v5.6 and v21, OpenLM Server features such as LDAP Sync and User Security (Identity Service) are divided into separate components. To establish this, different database schemas are required.

  1. DSS (Directory Synchronization: LDAP): from v5
  2. Identity Service (User Security: Role & Permission): from v.21


Therefore, a dedicated schema for these three components is required. We support MariaDB, MYSQL, and MSSQL. Our system no longer supports Firebird Database (ver.4.x and 5.x). If you are still using Firebird Database, please upgrade to 5.6 and migrate your data into one of the supported databases.

Please refer to this document. In addition to that, if you are upgrading to Ver.21 or above, it is mandatory to upgrade to 5.6 first since ver.21 requires v5.6 platform for the upgrading process. And it is recommended to have three schemas in the same type of database server.

Component Independent Schema OpenLM License
OpenLM Server Required Whole License File required
DSS Required if using External Platform
Identity Service Required if using Role & Permission
(Even If you don’t have, you still can get limited access.)

How to set up Empty Schema

MySQL & MariaDB:

MySQL 8, MariaDB Server 10.5 supported.

CREATE SCHEMA `openlm_database_name` DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8mb4; COLLATE utf8mb4_bin ;



Versions 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019 are supported.

  • It is recommended to connect using an SQL Server Authenticated user
  • Make sure the user has permissions to read, write and change the database (db_owner)
  • Set the collation to case-sensitive (CS) and accent-sensitive (AS)

How to create Empty Tables

OpenLM Server

The OpenLM Server installer will automatically create empty tables in the schema and connect OpenLM to the database for EasyAdmin (Browser UI). Refer to this document.

Another option is to manually run the PostInstall program to create empty tables with Upgrading and DB Configuration to connect OpenLM to the database.


Identity Service

The installer will automatically create empty tables on the schema and connect to the database for Identity Service UI (Browser UI). Refer to this document.

Or manually you can use the PostInstall tool to create empty tables after the system upgrade and DB Configuration to connect OpenLM to the database.

Warning: Please do confuse OpenLM Server and Identity Service PostInstall and DB Configuration tools.


The installer will not provide the option to create a schema.

This will be done manually in the DSS UI:

Consult this guide for more information:

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