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Backing up the OpenLM database – KB4101d

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OpenLM Server uses the Firebird Embedded database by default. By purchasing the External DB support extension, the user is licensed to use external database types such as MS SQL Server, MySQL or Firebird Server. This document describes the backup procedure of the OpenLM Server database.

This article only describes a procedure for cold backup. This method requires the system to be halted in order to assure a consistent backup file. Hot backup is recommended for critical systems and requires the support of a professional DBA. This configuration will not be discussed in this article.


Database types

OpenLM uses an embedded Firebird DB by default. The database file is located by default in C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenLM\OpenLM Server\db\. The DB file name is OPENLM_DB.FDB (or OPENLM_DB.GDB in older versions). The database is backed up by copying the database file to another location.

The OpenLM Server supports external databases such as MS SQL Server, MySQL or Firebird Server. When using such a database, backing up is normally performed by an organization’s DBA, using the database tools.


Backup procedure

  • Open the services window, and stop the OpenLM Server Service:


  • Backup the DB file (embedded) or the External DB.

  • Start the OpenLM Server service.

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