OpenLM components’ logging parameters - KB4018 - OpenLM Software License Management
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OpenLM components’ logging parameters – KB4018

The OpenLM system generates detailed log files, to monitor its operation. Log file generation is supported by all OpenLM software components.


OpenLM Server (through OpenLM EasyAdmin User Interface) #

It is generally recommended to keep the logging level at ‘ERROR’ in normal working mode, as excessive logging may consume unnecessary resources from the OpenLM Server machine. For this reason, a temporary change of logging level from ‘ERROR’ to ‘ALL’ and back to ‘ERROR’ has been implemented via the OpenLM EasyAdmin web interface. In order to do so, Click the EasyAdmin ‘start’ button → Administration. The Administration window opens. Now select ‘System & Security’ → “Logs and Reports” → check “Enable DetailedLogging” → select “All Logs” → select time to log (5 minute default) → and click “Start Logging”, and select the period length for which the OpenLM Server would switch to ‘ALL’ level logging.

The server log files are located by default under the server installation folder, i.e.: C:Program FilesOpenLMOpenLM ServerLogs

OpenLM Broker #

The OpenLM Broker is a Java software component. It can be installed on any Java-compatible environment. In order to set the Broker logging level, please:

  • Open the Broker configuration tool
  • Select the Advanced Settings node
  • Change the OpenLM Broker Log Levels selection drop-menu to ALL

The OpenLM Broker log files are normally located in the installation folder, i.e.:

Windows OS: this is C:Program FilesOpenLMOpenLM BrokerLogs

In UNIX/Linux systems the logs are located in the predefined Broker installation folder.


Limiting Broker log file sizes #

Users can change the OpenLM Broker’s logging parameters by modifying the log configuration file. This includes:

  • Log files’ maximal size
  • The rotation of the log files
  • Format of each row in the log file

The log configuration file is typically located under the software installation folder, i.e.:

C:Program FilesOpenLMOpenLM Brokerlogs

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