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Historical license usage reports in OpenLM


OpenLM App Manager monitors license data in real-time and accumulates it in a relational database. This approach facilitates both:

  • Management of network licenses in real-time, and
  • Production of historical license usage reports.

This document is a short overview of the historical license reports available on the OpenLM EasyAdmin User Interface.

For a more overall view of the different capabilities offered by EasyAdmin, please refer to this document.


License Usage #

Click the EasyAdmin ‘Start’ → ‘Reports’ → “License Usage”.

The powerful license usage report window accounts for the consumption of single or multiple feature licenses concerning the total number of licenses. It presents license consumption patterns over configurable periods and sample resolutions. This information can be used to identify bottlenecks and redundancies in the license inventory.

This report is available in 3 different formats, according to the tabs in the display pane: As a table, a chart, or a heatmap diagram.

The “License usage” report window has some unique features:

  • The chart view period can be zoomed–in and out using the zoom drag buttons.
  • The chart may be presented as “steps”, “lines” or “Smoothed lines”.

The license usage window’s smart filter enables users to customize the usage report according to the following criteria: Server, Vendor, License Type, Additional Key (e.g. asset info), Feature, User, Group, and Project.

There are some unique features to the “License usage” window’s filter:

  • The period of the usage report is configurable: select between predefined periods (e.g. last 30 days) and a start–to–end period definition
  • The “Aggregated usage” check box selects between displaying the maximal level (“top watermark”) of usage sampled per period (hour /day/week) or the actual usage occurrences as reported by the license manager.


License Activity #

The License Activity window enables system administrators to produce sophisticated reports, and track the licensed activity of individual users. The “Group by” tab on this window facilitates license statistics report generation according to Workstations, Features, Users, Groups, and Projects.


Projects and Groups usage #

OpenLM facilitates monitoring of user activity and can attribute license usage according to groups and projects. This functionality is often applied to implement a license chargeback policy (license usage billing).

Please refer to this document for more information on the different types of entities (e.g. Users, Groups, Projects) in OpenLM.


Project usage report #

Project reporting enables project-oriented companies to get license usage time according to the active project, as reported by the end user.

For more information on license usage reporting by projects, please refer to this document.

Group usage report #

Group reporting allows managers and system administrators to obtain license usage statistics according to groups.

License Utilization (“Efficiency report”) #

Click the EasyAdmin User Interface ‘Start’ button, and select ‘Management’ → “License utilization”.

This chart indicates the license usage efficiency. Each column ‘x’ answers the question: “what is the percentage of usage time that at least x licenses have been in use”. This form of presentation ignores momentary usage peaks and provides a vivid realization of the true license consumption pattern. It depicts the number of licenses that are required in the organization.

The QoS line indicates the number of required licenses to support a certain percentage of license requests. In the example below, the chart shows that only 7 licenses (out of 12 available licenses) are required to support 96% of license requests:

For more information about this important report window, please refer to this document.

Additional license usage reports #

Click the EasyAdmin ‘Start’ button, and select ‘Reports’ → “Feature usage per group”. This window presents the usage in hours of selected features per the selected user groups or all active groups, in a stacked vertical bar chart. Hover over the chart to view explicit usage information per each section of the bars.

Click the EasyAdmin User INterface ‘Start’ button, and select ‘Reports’ → “Feature usage per user”. This window presents the usage in hours of selected features per the selected users or all active users, in a stacked vertical bar chart. Hover over the chart to view explicit usage information per each section of the bars.


Denied License requests #

Click the EasyAdmin ‘Start’ button, and select ‘Reports’ → ‘Denials’.

This is a presentation of historic license denial occurrences.

At the time of writing this article, OpenLM supports the reporting of denials for FlexLM, DSLS, and IBM-LUM license managers.

This feature requires the installation of an OpenLM Broker on the license server machine. Please consult this document for more information.

A few points to note regarding the Denials report window:

  • Information may be sliced according to a list of criteria, e.g.: time, user, project, group, workstation, denial type, vendor name, license server, license type (e.g. Floating, Node-locked), and “additional key” (e.g. FlexLM asset info).
  • It may be presented as a pie chart, line, or table.
  • The filter includes a “True denials” check box. This option filters out irrelevant denial reports made by the license manager. Such irrelevant reports include:
    • Multiple requests made by a specific user in a short period, and
    • License requests that have been denied by one server, but granted by another.


OpenLM EasyAdmin – Widgets – Recent features denials #

Click the EasyAdmin User INterface ‘Start’ button, and select ‘Widgets’ → “Recent feature denials”. This window provides preliminary statistic processing of license denials per feature: It presents the number of denied license requests in the long-term and short-term periods.


There’s more! #

In addition to the various historical license reports depicted above, OpenLM provides a configurable platform to prepare customized license reports. Please read more about them here.

Please feel free to turn to our support team (support@openlm.com) with any issue or request concerning the reporting of license usage on the OpenLM system.

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