About OpenLM - OpenLM Software License Management
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Empowering organizations to realize the value of their resources.

OpenLM is a leading provider of software license management solutions for engineering software applications. Founded in 2007, the company has established a global install base which includes many of the world’s largest corporations in the Fortune Global 500. It has branches in many countries around the world. Our story started with our founders, Oren Gabay and Rachel Bahar, who used to work as GIS manager and GIS software team leader. They found that their organization purchased new ArcGIS licenses frequently, while many that had been purchased were not used. This gave them a vision of something better, a vision of efficient license usage where new software licenses are purchased only when really needed. They went ahead and created OpenLM and have never looked back since! They duplicated the concept of what they had done for ArcGIS to Autodesk and the product scope has since spread to thousands of engineering software applications.